Advantages of our School

1. Spacious Montessori environment which is equipped with Montessori materials for children age 6-12 in accordance with the requirements and standards of the International Montessori Association.
2. Our school is open every day Monday through Friday from 8.30-18.00hrs. The days-off during the calendar year are on the national and official holidays in Bulgaria only.
3. Mixed age classes – children of different age groups study together and have the possibility to learn the core soft skills – cooperation, team work, time management, lesson planning and respect.
4. English language customized classes in accordance with the British syllabus with licensed teachers from UK and Bulgaria.
5. Teacher’s team of experts – our school is proud to unite a team of experts dedicated to the excellent academic preparation of the students in the main subjects following the interdisciplinary approach.
6. Year-round learning – our school programme is structured to offer the students possibility for a continuous education throughout the calendar year. Families are free to plan their vacations in a convenient period of the year.
7. Preparation for participation in the children’s conference of the Montessori Model United Nations - ( for students age 9-15. Our school has a MMUN coordinator which makes us eligible to send delegates to the conferences in Europe, USA and China.
8. Exchange programme – being part of the global Montessori family, students have the opportunity to travel and meet students from Montessori schools in EU and USA.

Parent's Feedback

I recommend the school and I am grateful every day for the existence of the school and the wonderful team of teachers, as well as the founders. I am positive we took the right decision! If now I had to choose in which school to register my child, without hesitation I would have registered my daughter in this school. The happiness in child’s eyes is the most important for every parent.
Pavlina Atanassova

The best educational and social system for my child, and may be for yours too…
Gergana Stancheva

Steps for School admission:

1. Interview with the family – the presence of the child is obligatory
2. Completion of a questionnaire
3. Review of the interview and questionnaire data by school’s administration
4. Approval and signing of the enrollment contract together with the Parent’s Book
The admission to school is open all year round subject to availability of places in the respective age group.


Support : Student’s enrollment at the school is subject to Parents support of the standards of the school in its philosophy, Montessori method, objectives and policies, including moral, academic, behavioral, dress, conduct and disciplinary standards; to assume the responsibility for parent monitoring of student’s education, being an encourager, and keeping regular contact with student’s team of teachers; and to attend mandatory parents meetings called by the school and participate in various school activities.


School rules : Student’s enrollment to the school is subject to the general statements, rules, conditions contained in the Parent’s book and other published documents, which may be amended from time to time. Parent acknowledges that parent and student must abide by such school rules and guidelines.


School/family cooperation:A positive and constructive relationship between the school and family member (defined as parent, student, or other person associated with the student) is essential to the school’s educational purpose and responsibilities to the students. If any family member engages in behavior, communications or interactions inside or outside of the school, that is disruptive, intimidating, overly aggressive, or reflects a loss of confidence in or disagreement with the school policies, the Montessori method or discipline, or otherwise interferes with school’s safety procedures, responsibilities or accomplishment of its educational purpose or programme, the school reserves the right to dismiss the family or family member from the community.


External specialist support: When deemed necessary as per school’s sole discretion and after a meeting with the parents, Parents shall confirm readiness to cooperate for improvement of student’s emotional, academic or behavioral status through the support of experts ( psychologist, speech therapist etc.)


Property damages: Parents shall recover damages caused by the student to any materials and/or property of the school.



1. The monthly tuition fee is 500 EUR.
2. The tuition fee is not determined by the attendance of the child during the month.
3. A 5% sibling discount is applicable.
4. During the summer months of July and August the fee amount is 130 EUR/child/week.
The detailed contractual conditions are included in an Enrollment Agreement which is concluded for every student.


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